Julie is a frequent guest on podcasts and radio programs, and has given many talks and workshops related to her writing. Links to a sampling of talks and interviews are provided below.

If you’d like to request an interview or send a query for a talk, workshop, or book club visit, please use the Contact form.

Interview: Julie discusses language loss with Sana Qadar on ABC’s “All in the Mind”:

Book Talk: Discussing “Memory Speaks” with Dr. Katherine Kinzler:

Book Talk: Julie discusses “Memory Speaks” with Dr. Michael Spivey:

Interview: Julie discusses battling political polarization with CBC’s Matt Galloway on “The Current”:

Interview: Talking about language, literature, and politics with Kevin Berger at Nautilus magazine:

Interview: Exploring the connections between fiction, writing about emotions, and understanding other minds, on ABC’s “Books and Arts”: